Sunday, July 02, 2006

old and new

michael moved here one year ago as of this past friday!
which puts us dating as of...about a year...its hard to nail down the actualy day we officially said " we're dating now."

also...just gave blood for the first time ever. i was scared....but not as terrified as i get around i suppose i'll be alright. i did have a hard time afterward with lightheadedness and starting to black out. i tend to need to be very careful with that stuff. seems any shots and stuff make me prone to it. i remember one day when i was at WCC i went to a clinic for a shot to clear up the sinist gunk for NATS..and when i was making my payment at the counter, i said to the receptionist "um...i can't see you" and she promptly found me a room to sit in for a while to recover.

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