Wednesday, November 16, 2005

leaves are falling..and something's calling me here

...and those of you who know the line from which the title comes need not worry, i sense no "state of depression" to follow that lyric with

but leaves are falling..and the southern fall weather has me never knowing in advance if im to need a jacket or sandals when i leave my home every day.

my home is a fun thing to piece together, though sometimes i think i obssess over it a little bit much. last night my newly painted black and burgundy table was brought back inside to be used and was promptly topped with new placemats, black diner plates, and cloth napkins in cute little napkin rings (rings from the ever-dangerous $1 bins at Target...)

work is becoming a much more relaxed thing...since my bosses figured out that their store is too young and new to be run out of their grasp and removed much of the responsibilities from me....which cuts down much of the communication issues we were having previously. im still doing much the same thing as that im forever reminding the bosses what to do..while trying to remain tactful in doing so because there is a fine line between being helpful..and insulting your leadership's intellegence. im happy..and i think my fellow assistant mangers are happy. we're all doing the job together now and we dont have to answer to the man as often..just the man's wife. the man's wife gets to answer to the man..and she know better how to handle the man.

speaking of the mans forever thankful to her for working out the thanksgiving week schedule at the last minute to allow me to be able to take a little vacation with the boyfriend to his family's house for thanksgiving. yes..i get to leave work for three..possibly even FOUR days in a row..and i get to meet more of the people who have put up with the boyfriend (though not with him as "the boyfriend" to them) longer than i have! ;)

and what is this with the christmas music which started blaring weeks before thanksgiving??? premature holiday festivities make this girl into the grinch. i do not want to be in the midst of still accepting that it is november and already have christmas songs stuck in my head without my consent!
i love christmas in december...i despise it in october and november.


Jennifer said...

Funny, I've been listening to Christmas music since last year =0) - search for Chad Johnston.

Anonymous said...
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Bill said...

Hey there!

Just ran across your blog. I'm in Augusta, an avid coffee drinker, a Christian, and a blogger. I've been able to link up with a couple fellow bloggers from the area through mine: Love your taste in music too.

Would love to link blogs with you.

Have an awesome day!