Wednesday, August 31, 2005

dont it always seem to go that you dont know what you've got till its gone...

the city of my heart is burried in filthy water
dear friends will find themselves homeless
im sitting here a thousand miles away
where all the locals care about seems to be the rising cost of gasoline
and my face burns with hidden tears
for frustration
and feeling so detached
and unhelpful
i cant give money
i cant get in
and watching the footage just hurts


The Fly said...

Queen Becca,

I rejoice that you and your family no longer live in New Orleans, and are thus safe.

I lament that the beautiful city of New Orleans is shattered and chaotic.

I'm thinkin' about ya.

- Fly

tigger grrl said...

remember that shallow thinkers will always exist. if you let them tear you down, they will. but remind yourself that you are in control of how these shallow thinkers affect you. you can be angry at their lack of compassion, of their selfishness. or you can rejoice in the depth of *your own* compassion. rejioce in your own compassion. I am. :~)

tigger grrl

Anonymous said...


i gave your number to the director of of our relief services to call you. i don't know if he will. if he does, please let me know either by email or phone. i've got both now. thanks!! love you all!!


jason said...

It's just a city. Our homes were just boxes. It will be alright.

yourbrokenoven said...

it hurts so good.

yourbrokenoven said...

if i had already graduated from charity, i would have moved somewhere in or near new orleans, or kenner, or slidell or somewhere around there.

i could have lost everything.
if i hadn't, but still lived in belle chasse, it would be uncertain. i just don't know how to express how in awe i am of where i am and how i got there and such...

once the rest sinks in i'll say more.

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Anonymous said...

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Willie said...
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