Sunday, December 11, 2005

and you held my hand on my journey from funk to jazz

the title sounds like a chapter heading in a book regarding developments in modern american music...but its more just likely a description of my friday evening.

an evening which began with me in a rather poor mood...(becca as a glum and grumpy not the one you want to spend much time with)..then placed me in a most obscure restaurant situation..(imagine this: small chinese restaurant. empty buffet. no staff or customers in sight. colored mini lights strung all around..and chinese techno music playing overhead. now...que the young waitress with a bad attitude! the whole thing started me on an upswing from my funk right away)...and ended with a concert of the preservation hall jazz band followed by yummy cheesecake and darjeeling tea.

there you have it. the progression begins with funk..then asian techno...then jazz.


The Fly said...

Queen Bweka being back takes me from "nay" back to "yay". You should absolutely give me a call or an E-Mail, Queen Bweka; I've missed you and worried and wondered about you.

The Chuck said...

Your profile seems to indicate that you have good taste.

Flectones? Cohens?

Except, I'm a bit concerned. True coffee snobs will not buy bad coffee regardless of the presentation.