Wednesday, April 27, 2005

updation in the nation

first of all..blogger wont let me comment on some of your own blogger please dont think my lack of words to you is a lack of love for you. i do love you! i do!

i do not update as often as i feel i should.

the fish is named "joe" for short
Captain Joe Strangebrew, in full.
he's a very happy betta fish. he seems to like me. doesnt flare up all angry-like at me..only at his own reflection (i've heard some betta stories of the fish getting angry at their owners frequently) he gets all excited and swims around in funny ways when im in the room with him. sometimes he keeps doing this even when i've just fed him and forgets to look for the food at the top of the waterline. i hope he lives a long and happy fishy-life.

i know that the entire country got hit with some of that obscure "spring" was strange ehre..but no ice or snow in our midst. just..couldnt wear my tank tops and flip flops for a couple of days there. the warmth of sunshine has returned, even if it has hidden behind some wind and clouds.

im about to go to my second guitar lesson with my new teacher. im realy excited to be taking lessons again (of any sort, realy...get that brain thinking musically again!) its realy fun that each of my past guitar instructors have taught from different angles and styles. i feel as though, even though i havent had a LOT of lessons to progress in the guitar, im able to take the things i have learned from each experience and combine them to make for a better-rounded education. also, that owen teaches different things than loncar did helps me not to feel as though im re-learning things i already have been taught. its going to help me not feel like im wasting my time and money just to have someone tell me to practice a every week. im not only motivated to practice...but im LEARNING, too. novel idea...i know.

um...lessee...what else is going on? well..
-i spent too much money on two-for $x.00 deals at old navy this afternoon....
-augusta choral society is getting our butts kicked to be performance-ready by the 5th of may
-im starting to get a lot of hindsight on a number of my past dreams and how they fit into where God has me now....though im still out in the dark on that Germany thing.
-my hair is in tiny braids i used to do in the summers...its a lot of fun..i'd forgotten how nice and cool it feels on warm days. i think i'd love to get it where it wouldnt frizz at the roots and have the whole thing braided for an extended period of time. im not black..but i think those folks may be on to something with that.

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Anonymous said...

Cool! You picked my name for the fish. I forgot to put my name on the last post saying that Peter was on to something. Sounds like you are having fun. I still think that Metallica's "Whiskey in the Jar" would have been a good song to sing, but that is only my opinion.