Saturday, April 16, 2005

a story for the evening: coffee girl sings four songs

once upon a time there was a little girl named rebecca. she loved to sing along with the radio and with her mom's tapes. rebecca often stayed up past bedtime making pretend concerts in the shadows of her bedroom. she used to say that she'd love to be a recording musician if it meant she wouldnt have to ever sing in front of PEOPLE. as rebecca grew up (and became known simply as "becca") she continued to grow in her love of singing..and to collect quite a lot of albums from female musicians whom she could sing along well with. when it rolled around to college selection time, becca was still scared to sing in front of PEOPLE...ALONE. so she became a flute major and continued to sing outside of her flute time..just..not alone..not in front of PEOPLE.
after a few months of this, becca realised that her desire to sing could not be quenched by being a flute player...and she decided to take the step across the line into the shoes of a voice major. that spring, she sang for the first time in front of fulfill recital class requirements. from that day, forward...becca found that the stage gave her a surge of excitment. a rush that cannot be explained or felt any other way. becca was a singer..and even though nervous...she loved it.
now we'll fast forward through some boring parts same becca..but post-college and a few more lit-up stages later...though realy only a few stages...not a large collection of them.
becca is now happy and managing a coffee shop in a small city (large town) in the south. and today..she debuted as the girl on the other side of the counter...the coffee shop singer. not for a full concert..just 4 songs in the middle of a two hour set...but still...she was very excited. even more exciting..that 1. she recieved lots of good queries and comments about the first cover (she looks to the sky, by sherri youngward) 2. her family was able to come out and support her 3. her wonderful friend michael springstead was in town for the weekend and participated in performing two songs becca and he had written together over the last couple of years. and 4. it will probably all happen again at some other time in the future.

more coffee
more stages
more boys with guitars and various drums

set list for the coffee girl:
1. she looks to the sky-sherri youngward
2. the lines of my earth-sixpence none the richer
3. i'll see you in december-michael and becca
4. storybook life-michael and becca


Peter said...

I'm a boy with a guitar and various drums. And I can sing Nick Drake songs.

Chiara said...

Hi! I'm a coffegirl from Italy... Where have you found the background? It's nice...


coffee girl said...

we should do a gig together..and a jig together, while we're at it....

it was one of blogger's templates at the time i chose it. i dont know if they still offer it or not..they rotate through options pretty frequently.

Nick said...

I'm pretty sure if chiara really wanted it and blogger doesn't have it up anymore you could copy the template code out of your template section and e-mail it to her or something, if you felt so inclined.