Thursday, April 28, 2005

i almost had forgotten that i love st louis..but i was reminded again tonight as a friend of mine was telling me about the visit she and her husband took there last week to visit covenant for seminary. we were talking about the different areas and how she loves the city and i was pulled into my own memories of it. i just wish i had more than a week to have based my experience on. i am certain that i left a piece of my heart there and i wont be over it till i at least visit again. of course, if chris, maggie, and maya move there in the fall, as they are considering...i'll have another good reason to visit that city and find the missing piece of my heart left behind previously.

...or maybe these pieces are meant to be left scattered about so as to keep me connected to the experience

someone wrote of leaving their heart in san francisco...i guess its easy to have your heart forget parts of itself in some cities.

in other news....i started trying to shop for a wedding gift today for a friend of mine.....i'm completely stuck and i realy DO want to help the couple out as they start their home...but i dont want to give something which will become useless (considering the receivers' proneness to simplicity) or seem completely impersonal...or obscure comming from me.

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Springstead said...

My dad was born in St. Louis, so it's definitely on the personal list of Midwesternish cities to pilgrimage to, whereby to discover myself. Yup.