Friday, July 02, 2004

today went fine. daddy got through the surgery without a hitch and is in recovery now. he is probably starting to wake by now. he'll be off the ventelator tomorrow and will spend about 7 days in the hospital..then another 5 weeks or so recovering at home.

mom's stying at home with the twins tonight..but tomorrow the twins are staying with church members through the day and the same neighbors they stayed with last night again tomorrow night. they did okay staying there last night..but had a little bit of trouble sleeping. (my sisters havnt spent much time sleeping away from mom and dad..much less when things are all a bit uncertain and scary for them)

i'm doing fine. ive seen a lot scarier things in my when christina was born and we thought she was going to be gone from us on the first day...and every day after that was sort of uncertain. dads this time was only a problem being fixed..that we knew could be fixed..and we now know is fixed. it stands as a reminder that dad wont be with me forever...but it also means ive got him for today..and i've had him for the last 22 years.

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