Thursday, July 01, 2004


"my dad's been having chest pains for a couple of weeks now and this morning he went in for an appointment with his chardiologist..and found out the nurse had told him the wrong day, and he'd actually missed his appointment by two days, his doctor wasnt in today. however, dad was having pains when he arrived at the hospital for the they suggested he go ahead and get checked out in the ER. so, he spent the day getting tests and and all that unfun stuff..and they are keeping him overnight. if they dont find anything, he'll go home tomorrow. if they do find blockage, they'll operate and he'll spend a second night at the hospital.

i talked to him a couple of times this evening..he said theyve kept him busy with blood work and shots and junk...he seems to have a good attitude about it all. he told me on the phone that he remembers his father had open heart surgery at the age my father is now.

just toss up a prayer, if you will. my dad's in his 50's, but i dont think of him as old enough to be having stuff like this become a problem...he's got nine year olds at home, even.


they found blockage that couldnt be repaired with stints, so they are having to perform a bypass tomorrow morning..should be a 3 hr or so surgury. his surgeon said that dads in the best health he's treated this way, so thats good. everything looks up. mom's staying with him at the hospital tonight, the twins are staying with the neighbors. surgury should begin around 7:15 am cst.
dad will likely be in the hospital still another 5 to 7 days..and may not be able to fill the pulpit at his church for a couple of weeks."

i'll post more updates as i know things....still feels kind of distant and surreal to me. hopefully it wont ahve to settle in as a reality....everything will just be fine?

thanks to my praying friends and to everyone who's been checking up on him.

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