Saturday, July 10, 2004

here i am.
the drive was realy good. i expected to be horribly tired...but though i'd worked all morning and afternoon, and couldnt leave augusta till about 4...i didnt get tired on the 7 hr drive. of course, i played lots of mix cds..and then made phone calls after 9 in order to keep myself awake. (thanks peter)

haley's comming to see me tonight and tomorrow. i was giving her directions while trying to navigate myself back onto the interstate from a pitstop. i *hope* she was able to understand me despite the odd pauses caused by me trying to remember things i havent done in a while AND figure out where im going. wee! its all good. shes bringing scrabble!

springstead said he might be able to meet us up in meridian tomorrow after church. that would be so good. yup. haleybelle , michael d springstead, and the coffee girl. woo!

my family is doing well. mom's staying busy trying to prevent dad from doing more than he's supposed to. last night he had a notion that he could help move furniture in the living room..but i think it was all just to make mom do her panic thing and entertain him a bit. i brought dad a couple of books and over a doizen movies to keep him occupied for a few weeks.

bubye, now

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