Monday, December 08, 2003

well..its been forever and a day since i've said anything here....or maybe just under a month.

of note: i was promoted to a manager position at work. this included a pay raise and the big word that is spelled R-E-s-P-O-N-S-I-B-I-L_I-t-y (or something like that...)
most of you already know this. ("you" being the few who actually read this thing when i actually add to it)

I've had many visitors here as of late.
the weekend following thanksgiving my brother and michael springstead stopped in for a couple of days to stay up too late singing and playing music..and to eat thanksgiving food.
this past monday my mother and 9 year old twin sisters came to stay for a little short of a week, minly so my grandmother could take us all to see the Nutcracker on thursday evening. the twins are interested in ballet, and grandma used to take me every year when i was little and lived here was good for all. my opinion: the first act is a lot more fun to watch than the 2nd act. act one tells a story through drama and is almost like a play.but with no words..act two is just a bunch of dancing and no story is told through most of it. also, this performance featured canned music rather than live. this is sad.
friday morning my family returned home, and friday evening michael roderick arrived in town to stay for a few days with my friend daly.
lots of pizza was eaten and music was listened to and driving was done and good conversation was had. also an unplanned for parade got in our way...extending his stay for a few extra hours sunday afternoon..while i tried to find a back way to get to his car, and then when there, discovered someone at the parade had parked behind him...blocking him in. its all part of my plan to keep him here..i promise. too bad i didnt plan well enough. after we wasted some time in borders book store we found that the parade had passed on and his car was unblocked.

i've become involved in a ladies bible study on wednesday nights through my church and its grown to the size that it is time for it to split into two smaller groups now. i look forward to getting to know the small half that i'll be in better. the whole group is meeting one last time this wednesday for diner..i get to bring peach cobler...yumm!

*edited because no "diving" was done during the weekend, rather a good bit of "driving

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