Monday, December 15, 2003

ive come to a point at which i believe i need to move to a place that is more mine. various factors have lead me to this and ive got a good prospect on it that i could give an answer on any day now...ive just got to figure out a good way to tell this to my grandmother without sounding like i am not absolutely and incredibly greatful to her for allowing me to stay here indefinitely thus far.
the last thing i want to do is to hurt her feelings or make her feel as though she hasnt done enough to help me feel at home here.
im just at a point where i believe i can afford what i've run across, and ive got a friend who also feels the incredible urge to move into a place of her own at the same time. the timing lines up.*
i hate breaking news to people...

*(i typed "kubes" instead of "lines" at first because my right hand was moved over one step to the left..hehee) you know how some people have the ability to make you crazy and they probably have no idea? yeah....

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