Friday, December 19, 2003

im moving into a house! living in a house now, but its not mine at all.
my wonderful friend jen an i started toying with the idea of moving into an apartment or something together..both of us are currently living with others (she at her parents', me at my grandmother's) and realy want some privacy and freedom and a place we can feel at home in. we looked at a couple of things last week and then a friend of ours told us of a lady she knows who has a house for rent. we checked it out and fell in LOVE with this opportunity.

the house is three bedrooms (though one room has no its more of an office) and one bath with lots of windows and its set back in some trees...almost feels like its in the woods. it comes with all the applicances and the ower is paying for the water and trash pickup. all we have to pay is electricity and rent (rent is 550 a month)
not only all of this, but she's working a lot on fixing it up and said we could paint as long as we LET HER BUY THE PAINT! hah! how great is this?!
since agreeing to rent it (with no lease time-period!), she's told us all sorts of things she has that we could use..a small kitchen table and three chairs (that we can paint!), an awesome antique desk, a wingedback chair, some curtains, and she found a loveseat and couch at goodwill this afternoon for $100 and called to see if we wanted those too! she offered to buy them, truck them over to the house, and let us pay them off with rent whenever we can afford to! this woman is an absolute BLESSING!
she said we could start moving in at the first of the year.
we're going to start out just the two of us, and perhaps take on a third housemate to lessen the payload if/when we come across a girl we could live with who wouldnt mind to lack of a real closet (there's furniture one can use in place of these sorts of things)
anyhow...i'm realy realy realy excited about moving into a house:)
oh..another cool thing: the yard has lots of trees, thus we wont have grass to cut:)
AND its about half as far from work as where im living now...maybe even closer.

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