Thursday, October 09, 2003

i know i said i'd reflect..but not in this entry..later..most likely.

today we're talking about one thing: my car.

if you have been keeping up with the tale..or care to read back all the way to my first set of know that my car has often given me grief. the first week i had this blog account i remember posting about various breakdowns and such. many more posts have followed that week..and this is yet another...though less severe. sunday night i got in my car to drive to the WCC campus wouldnt turn the engine over. so i got in stephs car and called nick to get him to give it a try...of course, he called me back and had gotten it started 5 times with no problem. the next day i started it fine to drive it to the store. tuesday i didnt drive it at all. wednesday morning (yesterday, for those who can count) i got in my car to return to south carolina turn over. i went in to get nick to check it out. i said "come magically fix my car again, please?" so he came out and jumped my car from his and i was on the road. however, i noticed i only had a little over 1/4 tank of i knew i'd have to get some rather soon..i made it about 50-60 miles down the road before i filled up..and i made sure to go to a station with plenty of cars in case i needed to make use of one. (as they aren't fond of one leaving the car running while putting gas in it) to my surprise, little honda started up just fine after her tank was we went on. about 50 miles later i needed lunch so i stoped and went into an arbys in meridian. i figured since: a. car had started fine after gas stop and b. there were plenty of people around to help and c. i was at this point in the trip the closest i'd be to where my folks live in case i needed backup...that this stop would be fine. i enjoied my roast beef and curly fries (dipped in a jamocha shake) and then went out to leave (praying a quick prayer as i went)...first attempt: no start. second attempt: no start. *pause* *head on the steering wheel..desperate plea for help to that creator i mumble to sometimes* third attempt: starts fine. (strange aint he?) at this point i decide i will not turn off my car again untill i'm in south carolina (except for the one more time i'll have to put gas in, of course) for all other stops i left it running and used my spare key to unlock the door.
i made it home fine and my car started just fine all of today as well. so strange.
another odd thing about my car is..the dashboard clock has not worked since i got the thing..with the exception of a few times it has randomly turned on (usually almost set to the correct time!?) usually ive notcied these random operational times occur somewhere near the days it acts yesterday...i noticed a few times the clock even stayed on long enough for me to go ahead and set it to the correct time. *shrugs* well, tonight after work it came on and stayed on till i got to walmart..then it was on again from walmart to home. it functioned like a perfectly normal clock..then when i turned into the driveway it quit again.
i dont get it....but i still love my little car.

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