Sunday, August 17, 2003


i stared so close that the choice of colors and seemingly random brush strokes looked completely out of place and obscure to my eyes, then i backed slowly away from each piece till it looked real and beautiful again..a masterpiece, each color bringing out highlights and shadows and drawing attention to various details...all bringing me to the realization that the painters of these works are far better than I.

this is exactly how life is
we're each looking at these details of our lives so confused by the obscurity...we see the thing that we know is supposed to look like a "lamp" but we can't see the "lamp" because we're too close to it. we're looking at the blotches instead of the whole. when you back away, the blotches blend and enhance one another to form a beautiful scene for the senses.

i'm absolutely blown away when i try to comprehend how the painter could see the big picture while they were working,
and sadly, somedays i think i'm more blown away by the paintings and painters than by the creation and creator.

life in this world is so very much more than the obscure things that happen to me, now, here.
i want to look at the painting and be amazed by the Master Painter.

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