Thursday, August 14, 2003

the following is from my real written journal about the event discovered here.

please keep in mind that this entry was written in spurts as my journal lay open on the table in front of me.
things in parenthesis with "add" in front are additions to the journal entry to clarify, etc.

[start of written journal]
9-14-03 6:20pm
...and the randomness continues...
in the courtyard (or outside patio?) of the Cotton Patch i enter. The band is playing some song that is basically a loop. I've forgotten their name now. (add: they later repeated it: Abstract Magic)

random: i'm given a menu. I order only sweet tea and steamed veggies, and i'm the only one out here eating. (add: till later when various older people come and eat...probably parents and friends' parents.) Am i trying to add to my mystery? No. I'm just not all.
why'd i wear this shirt? (add: 3/4 sleeved close fitting black shirt. it was hot outside at the time as the sun had not yet sunk behind the walls)

I used to want that guitar....but that one is a bass. did i want the bass? (add: mint green fender)
If these kids are high schoolers, where do they disapear to after that? (add: everyone around me seemed like pretty cool kids with perhaps similar interests to myself...except that they are still in high school...i've always wondered where that sort of crowd but my age is hiding around this place. i'll find them eventually)

my veggies are here and GOOD! seriously, the best steamed veggies i'e ever had. brocoli, califlower, and red potatos.
i've limes in my tea.

4 piece band: lead guitar and vocs (add: and later kazzoo), 2nd guitar, bass, drums.

It's sometimes interesting to watch ashes drift in the breeze.

i can see they are recording this show..say its their last.

oh, it's acoustic guitar time now (add: bandmates took a break. i liked the acoustic stuff best. its a big contrast from what the whole band plays. i think its an age seperation sort of thing...lead guitarist is about to go to college, rest of the band is still in high school)
...then hardcore for one song (add: when lead guy takes his break)
rumor has it a kazoo will be played soon.

two limes down, only one more to go.
the girl in the hebrew shirt looks similar to fer. not in mannerisms, though.
that is one heck of a nice looking recording mic.

kazoo time. pretty impressive, honestly. (add: he played this cheap green plastic kazoo in similar fashion to a jazz/bluesy sax solo improv. it reminded me of a cheapened flecktones moment..heh. note: "reminded" does not mean that it was actually like flecktones..just that it hit something that made me think of that)

hrm..a mix between Jennifer McCumber and Anna Morris has shown up. Daniel Adams is missing it. poor guy.

i'm leaving now.
[end of written journal]

i left the show about 8:00. i'd heard about an hour and a half of the band, long since finished my meal, and realy wasn't too into their main sets. if it had all been acoustic and some improv stuff like the kazoo, i'd have enjoied the whole thing. i'm still glad i went because having something to do is good for me. its rare that live music is early enough for me to take in with my schedule as it stands. after leaving, i drove through downtown again simply because i enjoy having an old downtown to drive through (though its not at all on the way home...its actually quite the oposite direction) then i began heading home, but took a detour to the playground at the bottom of the hill on lake ave where i swang on the big swing set for awhile...good times. completely reminded me of my nights back in new orleans where i'd go to the swing set under the big tree at lipsey park and swing. remind me to go back to the park at the bottom of the hill a bit more often.

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