Monday, August 04, 2003's been almost two weeks since i updated! i realy didnt realise i'd been so slack here.

in answer to lem's question, the sf59 album mentioned in the previous entry is "old." its very good and should be given a listen.

last thursday the shop opened oficially. we worked wednesday giving out free drinks to whoever would come in to give us practice with customers and get the word out on how great our drinks are. i worked thursday and friday 6am-3pm and enjoyed every bit of it except for the sore feet that ensued from wearing uncomfortable shoes on thursday. but its okay..i bought some black and white converse shoes to wear and they helped greatly on friday. (we're required to wear black pants and shoes and white shirts) i hear that saturday went realy well..from 10:30 or so they say that had a stready line of people for at least an hour...which is awesome. i'm glad people are checking us out. our hours right now are 6am to 3 on weekdays and 8am to 5 on saturdays. that will stretch as money comes in and kinks get worked out. i have a feeling that the place is going to be absolutely hopping in the evenings once we get open later.
we've already got a number of man comes in every morning around 8:00 for a double grande dark roast, and after lunchtime the guy from acros the street at the goodyear place comes in for his 16oz strawberry banana smoothie.
have i mentioned that i absolutely love the people i work with? i stopped in this morning on my way home (i'm babysitting overnight the next couple of nights and did last night as well)...just to see how things were, see everyone, and order a latte. i just cant stay away for a whole week :)

i wont be around much this week...the computer at the house i'm staying at to babysit is broken as of yesterday (before i got there, i swear i didnt do it!) i'm working there from 5:30pm till morning tonight through wednesday and working at the shop from 6am to 3 thursday and friday.
if you're in the area somehow towards the end of the week, come have me make you a drink.

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