Monday, April 28, 2003

1. i love getting handmedown clothes! these jeans were jeans that steph doesnt wear anymore..too long for i cut them off to bweka height and now love them. i also got two comfy dresses and a couple of shirts. yay for my roommate cleaning out her closet:)

2. recitals at coffee shops are wonderful. a bunch of dr dean' string players played at java werks tonight..only they mostly didnt play their stringed violinist sang, and another played guitar..a bassonist played keyboards, and there was an upright bass and some drums (not sure if the drum players were string players as well or not) it was all spanish music and marvelous. rossio has a beautiful voice with so much flavor to it..i just cant describe the sounds she made tonight, realy.

3. strings final-we didnt even have to play because dr dean had to come to the coffee shop at he had a guy named padro come in and give us our written test. he was quite amusing as far as chillean sting players go.

4. i'm so anxous to get to north augusta and just get that much closer to having this coffee shop thing put in motion. getting there and getting some cashflow in the form of a job..hopefully a coffee related job..just absolutely thrills me..i do hope these things work out! i was talking to audrea a few minutes ago about all of this and how it could pan out..i'm just so exctied about the adventure. i so believe this is going to happen..mainly becuase the idea seems so out of nowhere..and so not possible on my makes my eyes light up to think about how God is able to provide for all of this!


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