Thursday, February 20, 2003

recital preparations:
we're out of school this week...between trimesters. but i've stayed around to practice for my upcomming hearing.
(hearing=what must be passed at least 2 weeks before a music student can present a degree recital. during the hearing said student presents the full recital for all music faculty. they discuss whether or not the student is fully prepared to present the recital publically. they also are free to give any ideas or pointers or changes they would like to see made and the student is expected to apply these things in the recital if the hearing is passed. yes, it is quite possible to fail a hearing.)
my hearing is in one week. ack!
so...i've been practicing. yesterday afternoon i went to my voice teacher's home for a lesson. we put my music in order and went over ALL of it. she showed me what areas need work and made me feel a lot better about my progress. of course, i still have a lot of work to do...but i think that in a week i should be ready for long as i work hard like i have this week.

in other recital news:
she says i cant be barefoot. i'll have to buy some slippers...maybe find some material that would match my dress and cover them.
mom and i both decided apart from one another that my reception should be a mini-coffee shop complete with a number of types of coffee, little bagles and little muffins, even bite sized cheese cakes :)

of course...with the hearing next and food are the least of my worries

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