Monday, February 10, 2003

and i keep checking online to see if kate has had her baby yet. (i dont ever remember being so anxious about someone having a baby..)

i have a final in the morning
am i studying?
this is so dumb of me.
go study, becca. go.

i'm realy not feeling very well right i was laying on the couch trying to wait on a headache to go away.
thats a good excuse to avoid studying, right? no.

"please be caerful with me..i'm sensative...and i'd like to stay that way" (jewel)

this is such a random entry...i keep jumping around from thought to thought. i've been keeping a lot of things out of this journal...putting them in other places..forums...the "personal internet" of the listening lab (which is not actually on the internet..becuase they never got that computer on the michael roderick and i have been creating various web pages and journals in the lab)

i'm going to end this entry and start one with a better flow of thought

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