Friday, February 07, 2003

i havent spent a lot of time on ther internet recently..i've been very busy with getting well and getting finished with school.
i'm over the cold.
i had to perform in recital class yesterday and take a history quiz coveing the last three chapters of the book.
today i had a guitar final.
my only two finals left are church music administration and history. history is going to kick my sweet tail.
i've finally been able to get some focus about learning my recital music. i plan to have it all completely memorised within a week and then can spend the next few weeks polishing and getting it cold in preparation for my hearing.
i've had it on my mind so much that i almost couldnt sleep last night for all the german and french song lyrics running through my head. i kept unconsciously testing myself on them.
i hope that doesn't keep up.

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