Thursday, November 19, 2009

somehow we both just always knew

as we've begun preparing for this little baby, i've always kind of laughed when people would ask me "what do you feel like its going to be?" (girl or boy) but somehow, i've been thinking this entire time that we'd have a daughter. its not that i always grew up waiting a little girl first. honestly, i loved having an older brother so much that i'd always hoped i could set up the same kind of beginning in my family.

however, as the weeks have added up...i'd become more and more worried that if this one turned out NOT to be a girl, i'd have to reset my mindset and start thinking "boy" because i've just felt pretty certain that we'd have a daughter in april.

Mike has had the same feeling. As we talked about potential names, we found a girl combination we loved rather quickly, but kept changing the boy names around and just not settling on anything.

(really good news is...i was right and dont have to worry about having loved a son as a girl for the past 4 monthsand worry how that may affect his future...or have to pick out another name!)

in April we will welcome little Jennifer Mikaela Springstead to the outside world!

(please note: i am not saying we had any knowledge from another source to lead us to believe she is a girl before the visual evidence. i'm just saying i'm glad we were both correct in our guesses)

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Ellen said...

wonderful, wonderful. boys and girls are both wonderful, but jms will be really SWEET! isn't it fun to know?