Wednesday, June 15, 2005

because i was hounded to update

i cant remember anymore what i've said in case i havent said it yet considering buying a place in which to live!

ive looked at probably a dozen or so places in person..and every time we look, i find things i hate or things i love..and it helps narrow down what i'm willing to invest in. its realy quite funny how much my scope has narrowed since the first trip out to view houses. at first i was so excited that everything looked amazing to my newly glazed over with wishes eyes...i'm becomming much more objective now, as the novelty wears off and reality becomes me.

i sat down yesterday afternoon with my mom and she helped me figure out how much money i can comfortably spare in this. she mentioned things to figure into my budget that hadnt realy crossed my figuring in the medical insurance that i do not have yet...and counting concerts and trips in as part of my alloted usable money (because i shouldnt have a nice place to live in and never the money to enjoy doing things i like outside of the house)

so now im having fun playing with numbers in my corel sure the novelty of that will wear off, too..before long.

it was a greatly needed reality check, for certain.
it brought down my price cap a good deal...but i was already aware that the cap the mortgage lady had given me when i first met with her to discus my options was a bit higher than what i in reality could do.

i havent given up hope, though...because i know of a girl living in a 2 bedroom 2 bath townhouse in the area i realy want to move into...and i know for a fact that she got her's within my budget. its just a mater of finding those as soon as they are available.
pray if you do...donate money, if you dont!

(there ya go, tom..happy now? i updated)

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Springstead said...

Nice to hear reality becomes you so.