Tuesday, June 28, 2005

1. my car had worse problems than just a hose broken..but not nearly as bad as an entire transmission...so far, anyhow.
it was a broken transmission *fluid hose*...caused by a short somewhere which was also fixed...and a stuck accelerator cable--which could have been a much worse issue... my brother had the exact same problem on his '76 oldsmobile when we lived in new orleans..but it made his car want to go faster and faster..where mine made the car barely want to go at all.
--at any rate...it will now the THURSDAY before i see my car again,...bwahh! i miss driving my own car!
1.b. im in the market to sell her and get something new(er)...pobably another honda, though :)

2. speaking of thursdays....its swing dance night with first pres :)

3. tomorrow we're closing the store early and having a work party at the lake! horray! i cant believe its almost july and i havent YET gone to the lake this year. its the saddest circumstance in which to find myself.

4. i WILL get to tybee island to see jason and jennifer in july. i WILL. somehow it will fit into the schedule, and i will get there. oooo..and its the beach, too!

5. im not feeling real comfortable with going to the eisley concert this weekend. im thinking its because of the craziness at work..with people swapping and switching and leaving and comming and walls comming down and computers being strange..yeah..i just dont feel like i should go to this one. it doesnt matter how much i love the band...im seeing the unimportance far outweigh its importance this go-round.

6. my roommate is getting married next saturday. she's packing up all of her things now and will probably move out of the house this weekend...move her stuff into their new apatment and move herself into her parents house for a week.

7. my other roommate is going to the dominican republic for two weeks..leaving this friday.

8. i think i'll start packing things up, for myself..too. even though i haven't yet selected a house for which to purchase...

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