Sunday, May 09, 2004

A Mothers' Day entry:

my mom is amazing.
i was telling my little sisters the other day about how cool she is. i think it started with a discussion about how much getting ears pierced can hurt and how my little sister, catherine, said she never wants to get hers done. so i made sure to tell catherine and christina that our mother is the best because she wont ever force a girl to shave her legs, wear makeup, or get her ears pierced. she let me decide all of that in my own time.
my mom is the queen of being herself, and she's beautiful at it. she helped me grow up completely confident that I'm okay just as i am. She somehow molded me into something that isnt a mess.
she's amazing with the family finances, even though there've never been a lot there. having less makes it even more of a challenge to ballance.
she keeps a clean house that isnt so clean no one feels comfortable in it, but its still spotless.
she welcomes everyone.
she encourages her kids to do what they are interested in, even if she has no idea how to do it herself, she'll find a way for that kid to learn whatever it is. even if it means learning it first herself.
shes good at gently letting go as we grow up. she gives as much as we need when we need it and doesnt cling more than is important...just enough to let us know she's there for whatever we need.
she's got amazing faith. ive seen her walk headfirst into many a scary day. ive known her prayers many a night before.
shes organized.. theres no way to survive without it in a house of 2 college graduates, 2 third graders, a pastor, a dog, various fish, houseplants, coo-coo-clocks, bunnies, and sometimes kittens... thats a lot of feeding, cleaning, watering, calling, writing, paying for, writing for, loving...and she has more to spare.
i love my mom. i dont know how i'll ever do as much for the family i hope to have as she's done for ours.

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