Sunday, May 16, 2004

and now its time for a post about
The Camping Trip

a month or two ago the girls bible study that meets in my house decided to take an all girls camping excursion. (being encouraged by the fact that some of us have camped more than once in our lives, and there is one girl, sam, who is quite the out door survivalist)
in planning the trip, we decided camping at the beach would be the most fun for all involved. we made our plans to camp two nights at edisto island state park in south carolina...about 3 hours from augusta. sam called ahead to find out details and see about reserving us a spot..but the park wouldnt take a reservation, but assured us they wouldnt be filled and would have an overflow area available. so..when we arrived at the grounds on friday evening, the sites were all filled and there were NOT any overflow options at all. of course. so now we've got three vehicals, 7 girls, and no place to sleep for the night on an island with one grocery store and one gas station and no empty camping spots. we prayed about it and brainstormed a lot and ended up driving around the neighborhoods of rental houses hoping to find a good spot to stop for the idea what we'd do realy. we found a nice dead end street surrounded by rental houses and parked at the end where we'd not be on any private property and wouldnt realy be discovered...and we decided to sleep there in our cars and enjoy the beach the following day, then go ahead home on saturday night instead of setting up camp for only one night when we'd have to leave in the morning on sunday anyhow. saturday morning we awoke after actually having slept fairly well, started the cars, and drove back to the state park. the beach was enjoyable. perfect weather--not too hot to be happy out of the water and not too cool to enjoy getting wet. everyone got too much sun on some part of their body. we each got to talk to girls in the group whom we didnt know well before. everyone got along fine and stress-free dispite the complete loss of planning we were dished.

here's a tip: just because you've never remembered being sunburnt on your legs before..dont skip putting sunscreen on them..thats the day they will burn the worst. ouch!

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