Tuesday, March 09, 2004

when one's weekend starts more towards the end of the normal weekend and runs to halfway through the regular work week, it is expected to be a little more laidback than otherwise.
for my "weekend" i declared today my own personal saturday.
i slept till about 10:30, got up and had a bowl of cereal on the back deck, then spoke with my friend jennifer about taking a little bike trip.
jennifer has an extra bike at her house and lives within biking distance of a trail that suposably goes to a waterfall.
after ariving at jennifer's house, however, we discovered her extra bike has a flat tire at the moment, and she had no way of solving that problem on hand..so we opted to walk her dogs instead.
keep in mind that these two dogs are some sort of terrier..which means they are very small...cat-sized, realy.
and also keep in mind that walking dogs and riding bikes are completely different things....walking dogs takes a little bit more time..and patience.
we did find the trail, and had to carry to dogs over a metal bridge which spans the augusta canal, then we walked along the dirt road/trail as it followed the canal down to a point where it meets lake olmstead. our goal in this trip was to find the waterfall at lake olmstead, which occurs at the point where part of the canal and the lake meet. it was beautiful! we sat therebetween a creek and a waterfall for a few minutes on the warm rocks asthe dogs paniced about other people existing and tried to bark ferociously..hah (though his name is rufus, he is far from being the ferocious dog who should have such a name)
we returned home by way of lake olmstead, which was supposed to be a shorter route..but it turned out to be a little longer, though all neighborhood streets.
all in all, we were gone a little over 2 hours....quite a wonderful way to break up an otherwise normal week.

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