Tuesday, March 16, 2004

my brother and i get to spend quality time with mister christopher lovely and mister michael springstead toward the end of this week. the combination iamusing. the activity is uncertain. maybe i should find out how to make tourists out of us for the day?

today i put in a request for nick and myself to have time off work in mid-april. the requested days are april 15th through 19th. the plan is to drive westward on the 15th, stopping first in butler, AL. then to eventually traverse to the forrest county area of mississppi to see the burg of hattie and catch a musical production while there. (into the woods, of course.) we'll return to the town of august in the month of april on the ninteenth day of the month and resume keeping bar at the coffee shop on the following.

the following are the recent sounds in my playlist in the order they chose to play themselves:
1.billy joel-she's got a way
2.norah jones-be here to love me
3.gabriela robin-green bird
4.chasing furies-writhe for hearing
5.coldplay-in my place
6.the real group-somna min vän
7.susan ashton-waiting for your love to come down
8.questions in dialect-resurrection of the dead

...now i'm going to change from my work clothes into a skirt. i miss being able to wear skirts all day long.

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