Thursday, February 26, 2004

im "reading" too many books and not focusing on or finishing enough of them. my mind needs to wake up.
today i returned to some i never finished last year...the texts from dr winters' music and worship class. i've been meaning to go back and finish those ever since that class ended...but always had something else i also "needed" to read. since becomming a part of the "worship team" spawned from my sunday school class and the Redeemers House church (mission of first pres augusta) i've had worship thoughts in my mind often..but i've let so much fade into a post-graduation fog that i can't properly share what i've "learned" from my classes with those around me. i feel compeled now to read these books only so that i can refresh my intelect in what i claim i'm learned in..and then pass these books into the hands of others in the group...i cant pass on the information until i've taken some for myself again, you see...and i cant let my degeree remain useless when it could be so useful here. (stewardship?)
all that ramble spoken..i must go get ready for an afternoon and evening as a coffee girl.

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