Monday, February 09, 2004

the good news continues! (though i kind of left the other bad news
last night i backed into a parked car while leaving church and did some damage to my rear end..the hatchback closes but doesnt latch anymore..and the right tail light is completely smashed. i backed into an '03 f150...the bumper of death on that thing was barely scratched, but it ate my car up nicely. tomorrow my brother is gonna call around to try and find a tail light for me and maybe try to hammer the rear back into shape so it will at least latch. if i get it fixed at a body shop just the light getting fixed would cost over $300. so...yeah.
regardless of everything...i've realy been having pretty enjoyable days recently..and learning a lot..and i think i've grown a little through it...and i'm surrounded by blessings in people form.
tonight's blessings are named catherine and christina. we are watching strongbad emails together. sister bonding, ya know.

much love

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