Friday, September 05, 2003

my week of night shift is over. and i have to say, i'm glad to see it over.
i enjoied getting to sleep in.
i enjoied getting to stretch mywings and have the bar to myself a lot more.
i enjoied seeing how quickly we can get closed.
but i missed having free time in the afternoons and evenings.
and i missed having someone to goof off with at work
and i missed having that second person to help take up slack and to allow for more thurough cleanings during shifts.

tomorrow i have not got work, so i must go find some extra black pants for to wear while i work.
tomorrow i also plan to get myself a blockbuster card and rent movies with my "two rentals for 99 cents each" coupon. i havent decided yet what to get. i think one will be Life is Beautiful, because i have yet to see it and realise that i must. the other *might* be This Is Spinal Tap...because nick and springstead have both urged me in that direction..and it would be a good complete contrast to the first choice. i enjoy contrasting movies. now, with only having at that time spent about 2 bucks on rentals, i'll rent at least one more..and that is yet to be decided. feel free to leave your suggestions in the comments section. Crap! i just noticed the coupon is only for new there go those choices... :\ well, suggest some new releases for me, eh.

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