Sunday, September 14, 2003

i've been pretty much regularly attending first presbyterian church of augusta...about every other week now. i even went to sunday school once. last thursday a girl i work with told me that they'd had a congregational meeting the night before about some problems in the church and that also Dr. Ortlund, the pastor, had resigned.
Now, the only reason i ever visited FPCA was because michael roderick told me i *had* to go hear Dr. Ortlund preach..and it was Dr. Ortlund's preaching that kept bringing me back...but also the spirit of true worship and teachability within the congregation. there is just something refreshing about sitting among that church..something i haven't seen or felt anywhere else. i'm thinking that God kept Dr Ortlund there just long enough to get me in those walls a few times and feel His Spirit there.
Dr. Ortlund will be there till the 5th of October and i plan to absorb as much of his teaching as i can between now and then, but i also plan to not let his leaving cause me to go wandering to another church for another "great speaker." I'm still not certain that i agree with the presbyterian church on all counts...but i cannot ignore the life and eagerness i've seen, felt, and experienced in that church.
Tonight at the evening service during the hymn singing i had to make myself stop singing so i could listen to the congregation. everyone who was able was singing with energy and conviction. that is rare among churches. that is rare. it is a treasure. it is *worship*. i couldnt stop saying to myself over in my head "the true worshipers will worship in spirit and in truth."
at the close of ther service i was overwhelmed by how much love i felt for this group of people whom i realy dont know. i love them for their attentiveness to teaching, for their joy, for filling the pews, for accepting anyone who happens to sit next to them, for the people who've remembered my name even though i've not been very outgoing. i'm excited about this church. i'm excited about who god will bring to teach them after Dr. Ortlund. The sermon tonight was on The Church in Renewal..and i'm excited about that. i want to be a part of this renewal..and i am certain that if i continue to become a part of that fellowship, if not through membership yet, but only through being involved in it, i will be.
i cant get it all into words, so i'll stop for now. i just needed to type all of this out for me before i went to bed and forgot about the excitement.

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