Saturday, May 31, 2003

weekend rotation:

(i already posted this in a vagrant cafe reply...i'm putting it here too)

i just got out of bed.
today i am...

-white tank top
-grey knit shorts
-hair a mess in a bun
-slightly sunburnt ears and back
-almost flaked off temporary Finding Nemo tattoo on my back

-chasing furies-with abandon
-the sound of the moody station blaring from my parents' radio in the living room.
-occasional little voices of the 8 year olds in the room next door pretending something or another

-plans to hang out with springstead are off now..which makes me glad i didnt get up and get dressed before he called. turns out he's stuck with his little niece and nephew plus recovering from taking his youth group to six yeah. now i've got no plans for the day...but it was cool to get to talk to him for a little while...his two year old niece too!
-my back is at that itchy stage of the burn..eek
-daddy opened up the pool in the backyard today...hrm..maybe i'll have something to do after all. sure..its only 3 ft deep..but at least its wet.
-i've been ropped into helping with vacation bible school next week after all. i'm now the music assistant.
-mom doesnt think i'll be ready to move out by the end of the week. i'm pretty set on getting out of here that soon...i had hopped to leave sooner..but now this VBS thing came saturday...i hope. *shrugs*
(ouch..that made my back sting)

thats all

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