Saturday, March 08, 2003

two people have complained thus far at my lack in up here's an update for you both to enjoy:

I've been realy busy with the new term starting and getting ready for my hearing and all of the stuff going on in the music department.
but now it is spring break

i'll address the music department issue now, since it was the last thing i talked about in my blog entires...
the music department is doing okay. everyone is working hard to keep on top of things. the music faculty is pulling extra full loads to make up for the loss...but we're going to be okay. i still do not understand cutting the instrumental department (brass, woodwinds, percussion) i do not see how that will help the enrollment problem one bit...but that is the descision already made and there is little i can do to change that i'm just going to keep going and help everyone keep their heads high.

as far as the new term goes...i have much to look forward to:
my class schedule includes: tennis(my only nonmusic course), chorale, counterpoint (16th and 18th century style..i believe), christian worship/music in worship and evangelism, voice, guitar, and strings (im playin the cello!)
The chorale is doing Mendelssohn's Elijah this spring..and i am very excited about that. Dr. Roberts, my voice teacher, has taken the role as the interim chorale director and she is doing a fabulous job of teaching us this music. solo auditions were held yesterday...we'll find out after the break who gets what.
due to the instrumental program being cut at the close of the year, mr young has invited all previous band members to play in the spring after my recital is completed, i promised him i would come play my flute with them as time allows.

my recital:
I passed my hearing which i performed all my my recital literature for the voice faculty and they were allowed to critique it and say whether or not i am ready to do the recital. they asked that i perform three of the pieces on recital class two days following the hearing in order to add a few things they'd mentioned, and now i have done that as well and am ready to do my recital. the date is March 18th at 7pm. if you cannot make it, please at least think of me and say a prayer for my nerves and preparedness between now and then.

no other news as of now.....i hope you two boys are happy with this new entry...since it was given at request. ;)

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