Tuesday, January 28, 2003

i dont know why i am still awake..i've only got to get up again in like..5 hours.
of course..i can never just put down my homework or reading for class and go straight to bed...i have to clear my head with half-brained internet time..at least thirty minutes.
its realy sad...because this is what i used to read books for. to clear my head before falling asleep. i claim not to have any time for personal reading...and the reason is..becuase i use this box instead. oh well.

did you know that in the 1920's the German mark was so low from inflation that it was cheaper to burn the marks themselves as kindling than to go out and buy kindling to start a stove with? dang...
thats what i learned in my studying for history tonight.

on that, i will go to sleep...knowing and thankful that it is more satisfying to buy bread with my dollar than to eat the dollar.

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