Wednesday, July 10, 2002

me: i'm realy tired..and am having a hard time focusing on anything for very long with much understanding...its annoying
me: i shoulda gone to bed earlier last night
me: i started to paint another picture when i got back from church tonight..but after i got a few parts of it done i completely lost interest in it and started just throwing drops of water and paint on it...
skot: yay
me: it was supposed to be a picture of my coffee house, it ended up having a person in the middle of it..who eventually got a gun in their hand...and i scrawled "i need coffee" across the whole picutre in two different colors
me: and everything is smeared because i didnt do it slow and let it dry..and becuase i plattered water on it
me: its odd
me: my annalysis: i am tired.
me: i bet a psychologist would say it had some deeper meaning
skot: you're angry at life and you want life to go bake you a death.
skot: or a banana.
me: ha
skot: and a straw with a lemon on both ends.
skot: what do you think its meaning is?
skot: is it an omen?
me: means i got too tired to think about what my coffee shop looks like, so i started painting a person in the midddle of it all and their hand smudged with some black and it looked gun-like..and then in a tired rant i went nuts seeing what splattered water would do..and then i ended the nutty rave
skot: so this is a painting of the instant just after someone shot himself.
me: the gun is pointed towards the its just after he shot the coffee girl
me: oooooo i know! it means i'm scared to death of my coffee shop
skot: maybe it means you were messy with paint today and smudged some black

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