Saturday, November 20, 2010

6 almost 7 months!

(i had meant to post an entry at 6 months, but things got really busy right about then.....)

Dear Jenbug,
You will be seven months old on monday! can't believe we've had you in our lives over half a year already.
You're such a sweet and easy baby...and still healthy too! at your 6 month appointment you weighed 14lbs 3 oz and were 25" long, average for a 4month old, but your head was still big! 17" is average for an 8 month old!
You're very smart and curious, so our packing may have motivated you to get moving. You began crawling one week after turning 6 months, the day that we began loading our truck to move to Georgia! every time i'd put something on the floor to get a box ready for it, you'd find your way right to the item! you looked like a little wind-up doll with your perfectly planned arm and leg motions. You also began pulling up on low items the same weekend.
About 2 weeks ago you began going back to a seated position on your own from crawling. This skill has made you unstoppable! You are able to crawl to something, sit and play with it, crawl some more...sit some more....
You handled the long-distance move pretty well, though you certainly weren't quite as eager to ride in the car this trip than on our visits over the summer.
You have recently become quite attached to mommy, which makes sense with all of the changes we've tossed your way. If you're on the floor with several people you know around, you go straight for me most of the time. thankfully, i have lots of extra hands around to help with you, which should also help prevent too much separation anxiety in the near future, thanks to your aunts and grandparents living next door!
I like to think that you know you are saying my name when you say "ma ma ma ma ma" but your daddy is quick to point out that you say the same to him, so we really think it is your word for "i need help with something"....which makes me think that must be the baby-talk word for it and is what babies everywhere have named us....
I really think that today i heard you say to me "my ma ma" and then you looked at your daddy over my shoulder and i heard you say "...and daddy"
You are learning to self-feed cereal and other finger foods, and get frustrated that you cannot eat all of your meal on your own...but seem to not like holding squishy foods, so spoon feeding is definitely required for some things.
I started pureeing some foods for you in place of using only store-bought babyfoods, but you seem to dislike the peas and carrots unless they are from the baby aisle. bananas and sweet potatoes are your favorite in any form.
One of your favorite "games" since we moved into great-grandmas house has been to make a bee-line for Goldie (the aging dog) so that she pays attention to you and smothers you with licks. You are one frequently-bathed baby by dog-standards.

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