Saturday, September 25, 2010

five months old!

Jen turned 5 months this past wednesday. she began sitting pretty well with minimal help about a week ago, and yesterday we began the baby cereals twice a day. she's very vocal and loves to splash in the bathtub. she scoots around pretty actively, but doesnt have direction control very well yet, so she very often ends up scooting away from the toy she wants, much to her own dismay. on tuesdays she gets to go with me to a small moms day out class i teach, where she is the youngest of 4 babies/toddlers in the class. on thursdays she gets to go to another childcare program i work at where she gets to go to a different room with babies her own age and teachers who aren't her mommy for a change. she's still a very good-natured baby who is very easy to take to new places and shop with and such, but she has had a few off-days recently where she was actually fussy in the nursery instead of all-smiles! everyone meets her still falls in love instantly, though. she's quite the charmer :)

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