Monday, June 21, 2010

in the summertime

one road trip down.

we drove from fort worth to st louis a couple of weeks ago for the wedding of my dear fersis. (one of the jennifers whom ours is named for)
our jennifer traveled better than we deserved, and even began sleeping longer stretches beginning our first night away!

This weekend we get to move into a slightly larger apartment. I'm really excited about making an office for Mike out of one closet, and getting to set up Jennifer's room after we've unpacked and get her some furniture. (no ferniture! hehee! ...okay so only two people get that joke....)

but my packing keeps getting interrupted by my being mommy....

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Jennifer H said...

Ooh, I am one of those two people!! Yay for all of this. It was so good to see the three of you earlier this month.