Thursday, April 15, 2010

a note to my little girl

Dear Jellybean, little Springstead, Ladybug, Jennifer,

You've had several names since we first found out about we've tried to imagine what you'll be like.

Your daddy and i experienced together the excitement of feeling your first big moves inside my belly.

We've laughed together at your tendency to crowd into only one side of my tummy. (especially recently!)

We've jokingly questioned the wisdom of the people who decided it was a good idea to give us license to parent any children at all, as odd and silly as we are.

We've tried to guess when you'll meet us face to face, assuming it will be at the very moment that i've put a loaf of bread into the oven to bake, or that it will be right after your daddy has pulled an all-nighter in order to write a paper for his classes

Tonight makes 4 nights till your due date. I don't know if you'll decide to show up before then, or if we'll just have to be patient to wait on you a little longer. I sure do hate waiting on good gifts! Thank you for staying so comfortable inside of me, and for growing so healthily! I know that in the future you'll give us many surprises which might cause us to worry, but so far, you've been the perfect little baby.

Of course, We know that the reason for your outstanding health thus far is due to God's blessings on us. Lots of people are praying that you'll continue to be as healthy throughout birth and the rest of your life.

We just can't wait to meet you! come soon, but come healthy.

Love, your mommy

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Ellen said...

so sweet! this is such a fun stage...tangible excitement of what is inevitable at any possible moment. praying for you and your little jellybean:)