Tuesday, January 15, 2008

remembering that God has used the least qualified

the liars, the stubborn, the selfish...

Adam and eve...disobeyed..and then hid Genesis 3
Abram...lied TWICE about his wife, risking the lives of whole cities Genesis 12 and Genesis 20
and then his son, Isaac, did the same thing Genesis 26
Jacob stole his brothers birthright Genesis 25,(twice, actually)..and lied to his father..and then had to run for his life for fear of Esau.. Genesis 27
...yet God used Jacob's line to continue the fulfillment of his covenant with Abraham Genesis 28

only a little over half-way through Genesis..and there are already so many flawed people in the line to our salvation....and yet I so often feel as though I'm inadequate to help in this plan?

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Sara said...

But the important thing I have to remember from time to time is that, not only does He call us, he then equips us. So, if we're willing to rise above that, He'll make the way.
Ain't God good?