Friday, September 07, 2007

roses and kisses and love notes...

God loves me very much...and for some reason, has chosen to show it to me in lots of ways today!

* woke up feeling rested and very loved and in love
* all green traffic lights when i was running 5 minutes late...made me only 1 minute late!
* no spills or mistakes in a 40-customer, $75 hour
* the next hour was almost as busy! yay!
* marked the wrong card..told customer she had a free drink..when i looked at what was really her card...she did have one!
* tasty fair trade coffee
* discovered that the reason the sales report i printed off for last month was low was because i'd left out a week of sales...found that week and added it in to the total..yay more money for this little corner!

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