Thursday, July 05, 2007

creative urges

i love to to create...i think i live for it

i think creating this wedding is temporarily starving my other creative outlets.

i mean, i've had more than plenty of opportunities for creativity within the wedding planning: choosing the dress and everything to go with it, reception and rehearsal planning, reception setup, SO much flower arranging, wedding cake planning, how i'll do my hair, making the jewelry, addressing envelopes, writing thank you notes, arranging the invitation and program texts, drawing maps for the invitations, keeping in touch with everyone involved, rearranging the house so that both michael and i will be able to have our things in it comfortably, and figuring out the most cost-effective and enjoyable favors for our goes on and on...and thats a lot of creativity being pulled from me out of only 7 months!

honestly, until now, i had not realized what a creativity machine i've made myself into these past months. i suppose i was wrong about being starved of creativity. i think its closer described as having the creativity switched on to overdrive...where i must create even when the urges aren't there...and everything i've created in 2007 is centered on the same end focus....its all about our "big day".

i feel as though i want to take just a few hours away from this..and make something else...write something else...draw something else...glue and assemble something else...paint something else...

yet, every time i find myself with a pencil and moment...i end up sketching out a wedding dress

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