Monday, May 30, 2005

it always feels so good to be away..but somehow good to be back as well

my brother and i spent an extended weekend in hattiesburg visiting with some of our college friends. the main event was to be there for our friend michael roderick as he exited singleness. but its always a good idea to try and cram many more hours of catching up with we took a five day trip to go to a saturday morning wedding.

people whom i saw while there (the list is um...mostly boys. isnt that nice?): chris lovely, his friends named michelle and hunter and lynn, andrew, david, cahtted with shar via the telephone, saw dr winters, daniel, michael springstead, skot, a short chat with ladonna not-ferguson in mcallisters, of course saw roderick and the new mrs jen roderick, dr keever, and jabbo! i TRIED to get in touch with one samantha breland..but she hasn't set up her voicemail so i was unable to ever leave her a message. please yell at her for me.

my dear friends...i miss you

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