Saturday, June 05, 2004

here comes a whole load of brain-storm spew.....

okay..absolutely convinced that im not opening my coffee shop here in augusta. this is good news! i KNOW something specific now! (one not helps narrow things down by about 2%)

this week a realy cool coffee shop opened on the same block as the miller theatre spot that i was considering. that block was the only block that i ever considered a good place for one to start, and its taken now by what i believe will last as a coffeeshop. its a franchise (not a chain..meaning the owner gets to call his own shots) and its in a realy good location. the vision looks a bit more in line with what a downtown coffee shop should be than r gabriels (since r gabs isnt downtown, good for them) the owner was the first employee of the original store in the franchise, so i know he's pretty passionate about the business.. (sound familiar?) they have a lovely decor, (almost the same colors i'd use, actually) and the staff is super friendly. i felt like that door closed on me and it helped open up a lot of freedom to look elsewhere. i could talk to this new coffee shop owner and find out what it takes to do a franchise of the place, or i could just learn from what i see there, and think about where i should go next.
i've been considering my next location for a couple of weeks now...still no certainties..but i feel like a move might be looming in the near future.
there's a realy good possibility that i could move to winston-salem, NC with Fer in January...she's planning to go to school there...and we've often talked about living someplace together at some point. its a college town that i know has a few coffee shops..i havent visited the place yet, but i'm open to the idea so far. another reason january sticks out as a good time to transition, is that it would allow me to complete a season of christmas concerts with the choirs im getting involved with (first pres chancel choir and the augusta choral society) and i'd have been manager status for over a year at my first coffee job. also, one of my housemates is considering moving to seminary in either january or next fall..and my other housemate is also considering moving out to live with her parents again for a while to save money.
things are starting to look rather pointed rather least to a location change. i'm still waiting for clarity on the specific location, i could hav a whole new turn of events by next week saying i should move to montana or germany or who knows :)
(actually, jen, the first mentioned housemate, has a friend whos working a missions intership for a year helping students in germany learn english while working in a christian coffeehouse...what? yeah..i told jen to find me some info on that, too)

anyhow..mocha delites is my new away-from-work coffee hang out where i can brainspew:)

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