Friday, January 02, 2004

well, this is it for a little while.
i've moved into my new house and the internet remains at my grandmother's. i'm at her house now cleaning up and doing some alst minute internet things before i hook her computer back up and leave mine to rest a a while. i'll likely come by here weekly or so to check on things and pick up my snail mail...likely to update you folk on my life and delete the millions of junk mails i recieve every week, as well.
those of you who have it may reach me on my cell phone..and i'd love to hear from you (especailly after 9est or on weekends on my night/weekend minutes...i can call you back to save you a few cents)

life right now is eccedingly happy and different than i've known before..not that i've not known happiness quite familiar with it. its that i've not known life as it is now before.

i must go now...things to clean and work to attend to.

love to each of you,

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