Thursday, December 12, 2002

It's been a few weeks since i've said anything at all here i am to say i'm still alive.

i took a world history test yesterday that i think i may have gotten an A or B on. i'll find out in about 5 hours. I passed 101 by the skin of my i'm pretty amazed at how good i feel about this test.

it's christmas time.
i put christmas lights all around our living room and bedroom. the living room lights are white and blue..the bedroom has the multi colored kind. There is just something about these lights that makes everything less stressfull. perhaps my roommates and i should discuss leaving them up all year.
Christmas shopping is an odd thing. i dont want people to feel like they have to buy gifts for each other..but i *love* buying gifts for people..its a good thing i'm a deal-finding kind of person...but the bad thing is...i would so much rather go christmas shopping and wrap gifts than to practice or study.

i've discovered a lot about myself through one of my roommates (stephanie) severely spraining her nkel last week. i've been helping her get around a lot..and getting things for her. She's got to be on crutches for probably 5 more weeks. She's learning to do a lot more things on her on...but a lot of things you wouldnt think about take help. Its a good thing i love that girl so much:)

Our Christmas program at school is tomorrow night. This week i've felt a lot more relaxed about it. I was placed in charge of publicity for the program and untill this week, i had that hanging over my head a lot...but the week fo a show...most of the advertising is done already. I hope i didn't leave any important things out. I didn't doa s much as i thought i was going to have to do...i hope it was all i was supposed to! i'm so scared that its going to come to 8:00 tomorrow night and hardly anyone will show up---and it will all be on my head.

well, i need to go...classes and stuff happen soon.

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