Saturday, April 27, 2002

i haven't updated this thing in a long long while.
(excuse no.1)i've been really busy.
(excuse no.2)i did try to post an update not too long ago..and it got lost between clicking submit and taking me to the finished result
(excuse no.3)i haven't been to my table in a long long time

okay..i'll just say..i've been very busy this spring. it seems that in my life "spring" is synonymous with "busy"
i told skot to not let me get so busy next spring..but he..knowing me as he does...acknowledged that i wouldn't listen to him anyhow..i like being super-busy.
but this time i may have gotten out of hand with my business....i've got two late assignments to complete this was due last monday, the other was due thursday. i think i made myself sick with stress over NATS this weekend. at the beginning of the seemed easy..these last few weeks have been murderous to me. but i can count the remaining days on my fingers. praise God. i just hope i can get the motivation and energy and time to complete everything.

i may have screwed up my hopes for an all A's trimester...i dont know where i got the idea to strive for that, anyhow. i've never been one to *try* to get great grades. i've always just accepted whatever i get. usually one B and the rest A's. but for some reason i got this crazy notion this year that i was going to not get that B this time. it doesn't matter. its not going to hurt me to have a B. but for some reason i wanted A's across the board....i dont understand myself.

to two unnamed people: i am not a soprano. you dont know me. don't tell me i am. ps-you suck. i promise, i'm not trying to be bitter about this.

i neeeeed a job this summer...
i neeed to get my tail in gear and get into summer school...
WHY am i so behind in all of these important things?

i feel pretty scummy right now....
add to that the fact that my throat hurts and i am exausted...

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