Thursday, February 07, 2002

3:54pm, february 4, 2002
the smile boy sounds like chuck. i wonder where he's from. he's kind, cares about the people that come here everyday. he's involved in their lives.
the old man reminds me of granddaddy. he's talking about computer problems to smile boy.
the french lady reminds me of sylvie. not just because she's french. she seems to be very devoted to learning, just like sylvie was. she knows how to be studious in comfortable places.
(i wish i could have worded that better)
the ellevator makes me feel as though i am part of this place...but also as though none of it is real. that is so strange.
i over romanticize everything.
stop: study're absolutely hopeless!
the french lady and the english major are in a discussion about anthropology.
these people are so incredibly diverse and friendly.
the french lady is afraid of her phone ring! (perhaps she has coffee a bit too often?)

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